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DOWA download manual

The Dutch Offshore Wind Atlas (DOWA) data are stored in the KNMI Data Centre (KDC). This manual is written to help you with ...

Instruction | 02-07-2019

Representation of North Sea Wind Conditions in the DOWA and the EMD-ConWx European Mesoscale Dataset

Within this report, the performance of the DOWA in representing North Sea wind conditions is compared to the EMD-ConWx European ...

Report | 07-06-2019

DOWA validation against offshore mast and LiDAR measurements

Within this validation report, the DOWA and the KNW-atlas are validated against wind speed and direction measurements obtained ...

Report | 21-05-2019

DOWA validation against ASCAT satellite winds

Within this validation report, the DOWA, the KNW-atlas, and global ECMWF reanalyses (ERA-Interim and ERA5) were validated against ...

Report | 18-01-2019

Understanding of the Offshore Wind Resource up to High Altitudes

In order to better understand North Sea wind conditions, analyses were performed on wind speed and direction measurements by ...

Report | 14-01-2019

Observational Analyses of the North Sea Low-Level Jet

As part of the Dutch Offshore Wind Atlas (DOWA) project, analyses were performed on offshore wind measurements to provide ...

Report | 26-11-2018

Dutch organisations develop new offshore wind atlas for the North Sea

ECN, KNMI (the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute) and Whiffle are combining their expertise in the DOWA (Dutch Offshore ...

Media article | 07-11-2018

Nauwkeurigere windinformatie op Noordzee verlaagt kosten offshore windenergie

ECN, KNMI en Whiffle werken aan een nieuwe atlas met nauwkeurige informatie over wind op de Noordzee voor ...

Media article | 08-11-2017

Research group developing North Sea wind 'atlas'

NETHERLANDS: Researchers and meteorologists are creating an "atlas" of North Sea wind volumes and speeds, which they believe ...

Media article | 07-11-2017

The Netherlands Upgrading North Sea Offshore Wind Atlas

Dutch researchersĀ are working on a new atlas featuring accurate information about North Sea winds for use in wind energy ...

Media article | 07-11-2017

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