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In this image library you will find examples of maps or time series that can be made with the DOWA data and information on how they were made and what they show.

Use the filter below to search on a relevant keyword or select a height and/or a location of the wind farm zone or Cabauw to narrow your search.

You can also find yearly averages and the 10-year monthly averages and 10-year average diurnal cycle for 2008-2017 of the power law coefficient α derived from the vertical wind shear between based on the vertical wind shear in the DOWA between 10-60, 10-100, 10-200, 20-60, 20-100 and 20-200 m.

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Get examples of maps of average wind speed and Weibull parameters (2008-2017) for different heights. Or of the difference 20-100 m or 180-100 m. Note that the legend is not the same for heights 10-200 m and for heights above 200 m.

Get examples of wind speed distributions, Weibull-parameter (profiles), wind roses, yearly and monthly averages and average diurnal cycles (for 2008-2017) at 100 m height for Cabauw and at central points of the different wind farms. For every location there is also a vertical profile of the Weibull scale and shape parameter derived from the DOWA.

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